What PARENTS say:

"Terri Cohen has been tutoring my 10-year-old son for about five weeks now, and we’ve already seen a big difference. His fluency and comprehension in a very short time have improved markedly. Not only that, he enjoys being with her and likes her very much, which makes the whole process better for everybody. We look forward to seeing more progress as they continue to work together. Terri, thank you for everything!"
Cliff & Elenor Rubin, Hastings-on-Hudson, contact info upon request

"Terri is unique in that she draws upon her various experiences and multiple instructional disciplines to meet her students where they are and how they best learn. This forethought, planning and range of experience and tools at her disposal has made the difference in helping my child grow as a reader. With her help, he's progressed six reading levels in just four months, which has made a difference in his confidence level and success across multiple subject areas. We've been so pleased to have Terri on our child's educational team."
Abby, 917-596-4758

"In the past four years my son has been intellectually transformed by Terri Cohen's expert tutoring program. He started with her as a reluctant reader and within months had reached the reading milestones I had never thought possible.

The fine art of close reading is a difficult skill to master. I think some are lucky to have made this transition without help. But, my son could not have developed this ability without Terri's dedicated and professional attention. Week after week she addresses his speeding through a paragraph or skipping over words and concepts with a firm and consistent tone. He can be temperamental, evasive and distracted, as many boys, and yet, Terri, a career reading specialist, prevails. He has never not finished a session. She always sends me a detailed report about their work which allows me to keep focused on my very busy day without worrying about my child's progress....

Terri works with [my son] (as I wish others would) moment to moment, adjusting to his energy and attention level. She has also unearthed his penchant for fantasy and encouraged him to find the details, the specifics words to allow his imagination to take literary flight.

Our huge task this past year in fourth grade was learning how to write a five or more paragraph persuasive essay. She has been guiding him along on this arduous, sometimes painful road with the dedication of one who is called to care and be of service.

But time is of the essence, and when a gifted master teacher like Terri Cohen walks into your life, gratitude fills the cisterns anxiety has created. She has lovingly brought her years of education and experience to our son's language arts proficiency with wholistic sophistication. Each moment they share is guided by a genius intuition from which only the masters are operating.

Master teacher/ tutor Terri Cohen is a game changer for any child who must learn to read and write for our demanding new world.

When my son's teacher commented at a conference that, "he loves to write, thankfully, so I'm not worried about him on the State Exam essay," I stared at her for a moment and then, waited for the shoe to drop. I was either totally misunderstanding her or I was fast asleep having a remarkably blissful dream.

He is making huge strides in a subject that is not his natural forte. Terri has emboldened and technically instructed him on how to execute this on a consistent basis.

I will never be able to adequately thank her for her Herculean achievements which hopefully continue as the years progress."
Mary Rose Synek, NYC, 917-828-5337

"Terry is an excellent, smart, child attentive teacher. Terry is working with our son since he entered first grade, it’s been over a year. She is very carrying and supporting and helps greatly build his confidence and self-esteem. When Terry started working with him he couldn’t read, now thanks to her hard work, he his above his peers level and doing great in school. He knows that thanks to her dedication he is improving and has the love of reading. Terry is a fantastic teacher who makes the lessons fun and challenging at the same time."
Yafa Moore, 347-427-1927


To Whom It May Concern,

I am pleased to write a letter of recommendation for Terri Cohen. I have known Terri in a professional capacity when we worked at Ampark Neighborhood School for the 2014 school year. Terri possesses many qualities that are essential to any community or organization. I found her to be a conscientious and hardworking as well as detailed oriented. She is determined and focused when accepting new challenges and is flexible in response to daily changes in her schedule or routine.

Her interest in literacy and ongoing work with the special needs and ELL students have given her a wealth of experience in supporting and implementing strategies for these groups of students. Terri has also taken on other roles as well. She has worked as one of the supervisors for lunch and recess duty, has covered classes as a substitute when necessary.

Terri is extremely personable and is equally comfortable with her students and co-teachers. She has talked with me about her future plans and is excited for the new experiences, challenges, and joys that await her. Terri’s commitment to hard work in pursuing her goals will serve her well in your school and beyond.

Please contact me if I can answer any further questions.


Christopher Taharally

Administrator of Special Education
1230 Zerega Avenue
Bronx, N.Y. 10463